Friday, March 18, 2005

Drama Drama Drama

I thought I wouldn't have anything interesting to write in this thing but my students continue to amaze me. All of these kid's issues go straight back to their parents having issues. Here are a couple of stories that have happened just in the past 24 hours:

#1. I have a Sophomore student who is retaking Health class and has a daughter. He just got a 10 day-out-of-school suspension for being under the influence of Marijuana. You would've thought him having a daughter would have straightened him would have thought that his best friend being killed in a gang shootout would have straightened him would have thought that his dad getting shot 6 times and dying would have straightened him out....nope. He's such a funny, nice kid and he keeps messing up. Too bad its going to be his daughter that is paying the price....

#2. I was substituting a computer class and a girl approached me and asked to go to the nurse's office to use the phone to call her mom. I suggested her using the phone in the classroom to save time...she agreed and made her call. She tells me that she has menstrual cramps and her mom lets her go home, put on a heat pack, and stay home for 2 days till she's better. So she sat down after the call and continued typing......the next period I get an IRATE mother calling me from the main office screaming and swearing at me that I REFUSED to let her daughter that was in agonizing pain go to the dare I!! She said something that I found to be ridiculous "Being a woman, you should know what it's like to have cramps and have to sit in class!" I said back "Yes ma'am, I do know, I've done it for nearly 15 years and have never missed a class because of it." The bell had rung and I had to tell the lady, "this conversation is over", she ranted that she's going to have a meeting with herself, me, and the principal.

This was yesterday and today I got a call down to see the principal and he's aware of what happened and is completely on my side. This crazed mother also called the Superintendent to bitch about it!!!!!!! So now, I have to go hunt down this student down (she's not mine), make nice-nice, and then follow up with the crazy mother!!!!! Ridiculous, all this for cramps.

I'll finish this up later with one more honey of a story. What a way to finish out the week!


At 12:27 AM , Blogger Polski3 said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Education is truely off in its own little universe. I had a kid shed tears over my wanting to send her cell phone to the office. She insisted her mother was told be a school administrator that it was ok for her to have it (against school regulations). When the principal came by to deal with it, he whispered to me, "he MOM is insane! She, (my student, who seems to be a really a nice kid), is the only sane one in her family"
Ain't no job like this one!

Which district are you in? I have cousins who taught in Naperville.
My Dad's side of family is from So. Chicago. (near Midway).

At 8:22 AM , Blogger Tori said...

I'd prefer not to mention what district I teach in because I'll be posting many stories about students and I'd like to keep it anonymous. I'm sorry!

I love hearing from other teachers and it makes me feel like I'm not alone in all this little universe we call education.

Thanks so much for your comment and have a great day!


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