Sunday, May 29, 2005

I can't hang

Wow, going out in the city takes a lot out of a person! That and way too many Jager Bombs. I went out with a couple girlfriends to Bucktown and to the Gold Coast. We ended up on this trolley full of alcohol (complete with a kareoke machine) that was rented out by a 20 guy bachelor party. My girlfriends were dancing, drinking and partying, while I preferred to just to take a seat and enjoy the beautiful weather and views of Chicago as we drove up and down Michigan Avenue, State Street, Division, and Rush. I had forgotten how lovely the city looks and it gave me a new appreciation of it. I definitely plan to visit it more this summer.

Haa, funniest part was when this bum came up to the trolley and started begging for money.....instead of giving him money, the guys poured Jim Beam from a handle straight into his mouth. 5 bucks said thats how he got to the streets in the first place!

We ended up a dance club with the girlfriends were getting freaky on the dance floor while I sat a table talking to the only engaged guy there about relationships...haa haa. He gave interesting advice and said that damn quote that all people getting married say........"you just know." Meh.

I had fun, no doubt, but wasn't into the whole thing so much. People kept asking me "are you having fun?" What, just because I wasn't rounding 3rd base on the dance floor I was a stick in the mud? Yeesh. But my girls were a blast to go out with and while I spent entirely too much money and felt like showering the whole time, it was fun! I got offered Cubs tickets for today but I'm just not feeling up to it. Too bad though, its a great game!


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