Sunday, May 15, 2005

i heart my couch

My first weekend since the break-up......and I left a party to come a movie and IM with "C." Is it healthy to keep in touch with someone you just broke up with? Not sure, but it makes me much happier. We are chatting about our day, almost like nothing has happened, but it does feel different. I love my couch. Last night my girlfriends came over, we grilled out and went country line dancing. It took everything they had to get me off my behind, but once I was "Slappin' Leather" and "watermelon crawling" I felt better. Tonight my fellow teacher had a graduation/housewarming/engagement party (getting married to another fellow teacher). It was 1.9 miles away, which was nice. I was the only one without a date and I sat there with a bottle of water, and grazed the snacks on the island. Then people started pairing off in 2 couples to play euchre so I hit the road. I think I'm going to lay on my beloved couch, watch one of two movies "Phantom of the Opera" (mmmm the Phantom is delicious) or "Bridget Jones 2: The Edge of Reason". One a tragic love story, and another a story about "spinsterhood." What can I say, I'm quite the wild woman!!!!


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