Monday, May 09, 2005

Sperm Stories

Well, this couldn't have come due at a better time. For homework, my students had to write and draw "A Sperm Story." Their assignment was to explain the sperm's journey from the testes to the egg in the uterus. They had to use certain terminology (i.e- vas deferens, labia majora, urethra, erection) and had to illustrate it without being perverted. Here are some of the great ideas I've seen so far:

"American Sperm" , "The Fast and the Spermious", "Supersperm", "You Got Sperm'd", "The BachelorEGG", "Spermus de Solei", "The Sperminator", "The Little Sperm that Could", "Grand Theft Auto: Vas Deferens", and I can't even wait to see what the rest of the classes do. I'll let you know the rest.

For extra credit they have to come up to the front of the room and read it like a children't book to the rest of the class. How can one stay upset when looking at pictures of sperm dressed up like Superman, or a sperm looking like James Bond or one with a half-machine face. I couldn't help but laugh and smile.

Leave it up to sex ed. to lift my spirits, even if it is for a short while. ~~~~~O <--spermie


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