Saturday, August 20, 2005

I heart football

Its 10:15pm and I just got home from work. Thats right, 3rd night in a row....I don't know how "C" put up with me for 2 years. This is ridiculous. However, with that being said and the fact that I'm exhausted, it was fun. We had 6pm freshman, 7pm sophomore, and 8pm varsity football scrimmages. I just love football and love being on the sidelines. Granted its not my beloved Green Bay Packers, but I really like it anyways. No major injuries, just some muscle strains, jammed fingers and minor cuts and bruises.

Sooooo, the moral of the story is....I have absolutely whored myself at work during this first week back to school. I've barely gotten any sleep and have to be back at practice in a few short hours. BUT, when you love your job (most of the time) it somehow makes the long hours bearable.


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