Friday, February 03, 2006

people who should die

Narcs nab drug-smuggling puppies
DEA: Dogs' bellies were cut open, heroin was placed inside

Friday, February 3, 2006 (CNN) -- A two-year investigation into a Colombian heroin ring netted more than 65 pounds of drugs, resulted in the arrests of more than 20 people and saved the lives of some drug-smuggling Labrador retrievers, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said Wednesday.

Ten wayward pups were found during a raid on a Colombian farm in 2005, and six of them were carrying more than 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) of liquid heroin in their stomachs, said DEA spokesman Rusty Payne.

Puppy smuggling is another take on the human "mule," or "swallower" in DEA parlance -- someone who ingests packets of drugs and transport them in their stomachs.
In the case of the puppies found during the 2005 raid, the dogs' bellies had been cut open, and heroin packets were stitched into their stomachs, Payne said. The pups, mostly purebred Labrador retrievers, were sewn back up and prepared for shipment to the United States, he added.
"The organization's outrageous and heinous smuggling method of implanting heroin inside puppies is a true indication of the extent that drug dealers go to make their profit," said Special Agent in Charge John Gilbride in a written statement.

Though the 10 dogs were rescued before being shipped, it wasn't enough to save all of their lives.

"Three of the six died of infection when the drugs were removed," Payne said, adding that four other puppies "were going to be used and obviously were saved."


At 2:43 PM , Blogger msu77 said...

I hope ever human being who participated in this act of cruelty pays the price.

How shallow do you have to be do this to innocent puppies.

Better yet I hope all these Colombian pieces of shit die.

At 3:40 PM , Blogger Military Arms said...

There's a special place in Hell for people like that.

At 7:44 PM , Blogger pappy said...

I guess they ran out of human mules to do it for them. They wouldn't care if they had to use babies.

At 6:54 AM , Blogger beakerkin said...


There is no shortage of human mules but they cost money and talk.
I read the internal news at work and smuglers are creatively evil.

At 11:09 AM , Blogger supplymadam said...

Sore subject with me because I am a big donator of the ASPCA. I hate people that abuse animals and children. May they rot in hell.

At 7:22 PM , Blogger Gyrobo said...

This wouldn't happen if there wasn't a market demand for it.

At 7:27 PM , Blogger Teacher Tori said...

thats what i told my students. i said to them "when you or your friends do drugs, you are helping people do this to innocent puppies."

At 3:20 AM , Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 08 06

Geesh! You always have some interesting stories. I hate dog abuse!


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