Saturday, June 11, 2005

nice day

Ahhh, what a fun and productive day. I decorated my spare bedroom in a beachy theme. It will be a place for me to go, relax and daydream about my beloved Cayman Islands. I've always wanted to live there and even went as far as to call all the area schools when I was down there vacationing and even sent in resumes. Work visas aren't easy to get. So, I figured since I can't move to Grand Cayman, I'll bring it to me.

I went to dinner with some fellow medical staff and headed up to Wisconsin to hang with some teachers. It was a sausagefest until my girlfriend and I got there. We went to a bar on Lake Michigan, ate nachos and wings, and drank beer. It was a blast. I swear we are one big Seinfeld episode. Topics ranged from dyson vaccuum cleaners, to Atari and Nintendo games, to our students, and movie quotes from Office Space, Spaceballs, and Full Metal Jacket.

Good times. Now its time to hit the hay because I have to walk in a parade with our US Congressman at 9am!!!


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