Thursday, June 09, 2005

Officially a suburbanite

Well, its official.........I'm a surburbanite. I planted flowers, bought a rocking chair and attended a political dinner at a fabulous, exclusive country club.

What 25 year old buys a rocking chair you may ask? One that is off her rocker perhaps? I think I'm pre-disposed to liking them because my mom used to rock me to sleep for years. When my sister was a baby she'd rock her and I'd get mad and say "two babies" and make her move my sister over to one leg and I'd crawl up on her other. It just seemed like the perfect accent to my front porch and a great place to read my mail and enjoy a nice glass of OJ.

Lets just hope I don't turn into a bitter lady who angrily rocks while pointing a stick at kids walking by or yelling "get your dog off my lawn."

Lately I've been pondering surburban live vs. city life. 99% of my friends in the burbs are either married or in serious relationships, which is where I was until a month ago. Most of my single friends are in the city......BUT once they want to settle down they ALL move back to the burbs. Sooooo, the way I think about it, I'm just years ahead of the game. They'll be back.............


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