Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cindy Sheehan ramblings

"To expiate the pain of losing her firstborn son in the Iraq war, Cindy Sheehan decided to cheer herself up by engaging in Stalinist agitprop outside President Bush's Crawford ranch. It's the strangest method of grieving I've seen since Paul Wellstone's funeral. Someone needs to teach these liberals how to mourn. Call me old-fashioned, but a grief-stricken war mother shouldn't have her own full-time PR flack. After your third profile on 'Entertainment Tonight,' you're no longer a grieving mom; you're a C-list celebrity trolling for a book deal or a reality show." —Ann Coulter

"What kind of country do we live in where the craziest and angriest among us don't have full access to our commander-in-chief twenty-four hours a day?" —Patrick Hynes

"With each passing day Cindy Sheehan looks less and less like a grieving mother and more and more like a leftwing blogger... One half expects her to lead off her next morning press briefing with, 'I believe it was Michael Moore who once said...' As the second hand winds down on Cindy Sheehan's fifteen minutes of stupidity and the realization sets in among the Bush Haters that her mug is bound for George Bush's mantelpiece somewhere between Dan Rather and Joe Wilson, you can almost hear the velvet tones of Barry Manilow singing his 1970s hit 'I Go Crazy'." —Ben Stein


At 12:21 PM , Blogger fetching jen said...

She's come undone...


At 7:02 PM , Blogger Ranting Republican said...

Heated discussion about this on anti-liberali...


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