Wednesday, November 16, 2005


10,000 hits

I'd like to make a speech Oscar-style:

"This is so unexpected, I didn't even prepare a speech. First off I'd like to thank my fans...without you I would not be here. I'd like to thank my family, who gave me a strong work ethic and a good, republican upbringing. My sister, Ranting Republican, your passion for politics and arguing was my inspiration to come on here and speak my mind. Last but not least, my last boyfriend. Having views so radically different from you, I needed an outlet so we wouldn't get into a boxing match. You introduced me to the world of blogging, and after making fun of you, I saw the light and thats how Teacher Tori came to be.

I'd like to thank all my crazy, whacky students. You give me an endless supply of things to write about and I love you all. Without you, I would not have a job, and subsequently, would not have the very laptop I use to create this site. Last but not least, I'd like to thank our country's politicians......both Democrat and Republican. You've made me laugh, you've made me cry, you've made me cheer, you've made me want to scoop your eyes out with spoons and give you a Columbian Necktie.

Thanks again everyone ((I'm holding up my laptop)) and God Bless America!


At 12:45 PM , Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 16 05

Congrats! How can you tell how many hits you have gotten? Do you have a hidden site counter?

At 5:09 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

Congrats. You deserve a standing ovation.

At 8:57 AM , Blogger Tori said...

scroll to the bottom of my blog. the counter is in the apples


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