Monday, March 06, 2006

24 and The're driving me nuts!

2 of my favorite shows: 24 and The Apprentice both have my Sprint phone (shown below). The people on The Apprentice even have the red one like I do! What is driving me nuts is that they both have the same ringer on their phones that I use so every time it goes off on the show I grab for my cell phone! Sure the logical answer is to change my ringer, but I like says "Incoming call from -----" and says the name. I love that and I refuse to change it

And why the hell do they have to be on at the same time? Donald Trump, Jack Bauer, Donald, Jack.......Jack Bauer wins!!!!


At 9:34 AM , Blogger Eddie said...

Yeah, I recently lost my old cell phone after a bar bender about a week ago. I looked at the razor, but just couldn't justify buying a phone when I could get one for free from Cingular. I think I will be getting the Nokia 6061, which has a speaker phone, which my old Motorola did not. Also, this one's a flipper, which the old one was not either.

At 10:12 AM , Blogger Tori said...

i LOVE having a picture and video phone!! and its republican red baby!

At 10:31 AM , Blogger Eddie said...

I am not sure what I would use the picture and video for, though. I probably wouldn't, which, in my case, would just render it a waste of needed resources.

At 11:02 AM , Blogger msu77 said...

eddie, tori needs the picture phone, she takes pictures of various single guys and then decides which one is worth her while.

At 11:14 AM , Blogger Tori said...

NO....i mostly use it for taking pictures of gross injuries....which you guys love when I post, eh?

At 12:05 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

Well, I could see where it would come in handy if she were boozed up and had the beer goggles on, the picture camera might help her decide if a random call back is worth her while or not.


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