Friday, February 17, 2006

Torino Olympics 2006

I am NOT one of those millions of people who are choosing to watch "American Idol" instead of the Olympics. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS, always have, especially the Winter Games. I remember watching Katerina Witt and Kristy Yamaguchi skate for the gold as I jumped around my family room. 15 years later and I'm still doing the same thing, only practicing axels and toe loops in my own family room!

The Olympics have everything.....the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and how could I not love listening to our national anthem over and over again?

My favorite events to watch are figure skating, speed skating, hockey, skiing, curling (yes curling), freestyle skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, luge...wait, I'm listing every event! I'll seriously watch anything, I even wake up a few minutes earlier to watch the coverage on USA. It's usually the less popular sports but how could you not love curling, biathlons, and the skeleton? Curling looks like the ultimate bar game. Do I think it should be an Olympic sport, eh.

I'm disappointed in Lindsey Jacobellis. She was leaps and bounds ahead of her competitors in the snowboard cross finals and decided to "hot dog" it at the very end and fell and as a result lost the gold medal. Do I feel bad for her, not really. I feel bad for her parents who probably sacrificed a lot to get her here. And she let our country down. This was the first time snowboard cross has been an Olympic event and it would have been quite a coo to have both our men and women take the gold (USA's Seth Wescott won the men's cross.) I'm sure this will haunt her for years to come.

All and all its been a great first 7 days. I've gotten to oogle the sexy speed skater Chad Hedrick and watch them women's hockey fall short in their quest for gold against a weather Swedish team. I cannot wait till womens figure skating starts!!!!


At 8:52 AM , Blogger beakerkin said...

The Olympics is a bore. I may go to neaby Lake Placid and try and drive a Bobsled. They advertise on the radio.

I am glad you seem somewhat better.
Reading Mr Beamish's blog always puts a smile on my face.

At 4:03 PM , Blogger Tori said...

thanks,i am starting to feel better about everything in my life....just getting back from my best friend's dad's funeral tends to put things in perspective.

At 7:09 AM , Blogger beakerkin said...

You have got to see the latest version of the Beamish school of art. I was outraged over the desecration of a symbol that I hold dear. Poor Ronald McDonald was burned by a mob in Pakistan. Frenzied Couch Potatoes everywhere
cried out for vengance.

Well on Mr Beamish's site we placed the familiar Mr Beamish logo on the Shinx. It is a comedic gem

(It was my idea)

One thing about love in general is that your partner can not give you happiness. Remember if you want to change a mans mood the most effective weapon is a smile and eyeconact. As we are task oriented we tend to forget birthdays and important stuff. If something bothers you just tell the guy straight out and the task oriented side kicks in.

I am returning to NYC for some R&R
and this DHS employee needs a home cooked meal. Vermont is a place of wonder but I miss the energy of NYC. The nearest bookstore is 30 miles and the nearest Art Museum is in Montreal.

At 4:23 PM , Blogger supplymadam said...

I love the women's figure skating the most too although it's great to see the heart that all the athletes have.
I'm from Long Island so it's great that Sarah Hughes won the gold in the last winter games and now sister Emily is there. It makes it a little more personal.


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