Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Teacher Tori does NOT like limbo

Well I just had my observation meeting with the principal. He said I did a good job and I had good marks on my evalation. Then he says that "I've left him on the fence" as to what he's going to do about me next year. So yeah, basically NOTHING was answered and I'm still going to be in limbo for the next couple weeks. I have had 3 awesome evaluations by the Principal and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, I don't know how they could possibly let me go. The principal's concerns centered around if I am strict enough in PE, but I was observed in Health b/c I'm not teaching PE this semester. He said he would talk to the lady who DID evaluate me in PE and look at that evaluation further. Thats a good thing but I have a very good relationship with that lady and her write-up was awesome! So, yeah my eye twitch will be around for another couple weeks and I've started to have pain and a little bit of tingling and numbness in my left arm. Is this school giving me a heart attack? Can a 26 year old have a heart attack?

God, I just need to find SOME stability in my life right now (besides parents). At least last year when I was going through this I had a loving boyfriend who was my rock and I felt like I could get through anything. I would call him terrified and he would tell me everything is going to be okay. Now, since he's gone and I had to end things with the new guy so I have to learn to rely on myself for strength. As soon as I know I will be here next year, I will be able to scrape my life back together and chill out. I thought that was going to be resolved today but I guess I've waited a long time to find out and I can suffer through another couple weeks.

Thanks to all of you out there that have been so supportive of me and taking the time to read these personal posts. I normally don't sit around and feel sorry for myself, but hopefully this rough patch is going to smooth out soon and I can get back to being "happy teacher tori!!!"


At 11:40 AM , Blogger Eddie said...

Wow, that sucks. There is probably not a worse feeling of not knowing if you will have a job in the future. However, the good news is that there are plenty of other school districts if this one doesn't work out. At your age and your pay, school districts will look upon you favorably as you are cheaper to employ and cheaper to insure.

Good luck.

At 1:46 PM , Blogger msu77 said...

Tori, it's ok if they fire you it's there loss. Anyway are you part of a union or something which can come to you're rescue?

Feel free to contact me if you need to vent or need job leads.

At 8:42 PM , Blogger beakerkin said...

Actually in NYC there are entire agencies dedicated to placing teachers in the business sector.

At 6:56 PM , Blogger Ranting Republican said...

The puggies and I will be there in 3 months! We'll provide stability for you :) (and rent!)

At 3:52 AM , Blogger pappy said...

Hang in there Tori I know you'll do well.

At 3:52 AM , Blogger pappy said...

By the way there is a teacher shortage here in Kalifornia

At 1:54 AM , Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 17 06

TT: Best wishes for your future. But you know what? Let them know how valuable you are by telling them that you are looking elsewhere. My husband works for UCSF and is off grant money. Every two and a half years or so, the grant money runs out and he either has to get on another project or leave. Every time he threatens to leave, they up his pay because he is invaluable. I am sure that you are too. I think you should figure out how to pimp the situation if you can... Best Wishes Scorpio woman:)

At 1:57 AM , Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 17 06

And Pappy is right; they do need teachers out here in CA. My parents have been teachers for years and do fairly well in the Valley. They are about ready to retire in a coupla years or so. Anyway, they pay teachers substantially better in the Valley than they do in other areas, especially if you have a Masters or PhD. But your local union chapter should be able to help you out, I know Unions, but that is what they are there for!!! And Beakerin is right too; teachers have unique skill sets and can easily be placed in the private sector. Hell, you could do fitness videos on the side...Just some ideas from someone who cares:)

At 4:03 PM , Blogger Tori said...

thanks for the kind words!

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