Monday, May 01, 2006

"Immigrant" Protests

I just don't get it. I have many hispanic students that are ditching today to head downtown for the "Immigration Protest." I just had one of my mexican students say to me "aren't you impressed that I'm here today?", you should be here today. I went on to ask him "Are the kids that are missing today going to the rally b/c they feel strongly about the cause or do they simply want an excuse to miss school?" He replies "Oh, just a reason to ditch!!"

I was watching the Today Show (yeah, I know, only watching to hear details about a soldier that was killed in Iraq, but what do you know, they didn't cover it at all)....anythewho, they were calling today "Immigration Protest".

THAT TERM IS INCORRECT. It has nothing to do with immigration. This should be called "ILLEGAL ALIEN PROTEST" but I guess that doesn't sound all warm and fuzzy to the commie media. This is nothing more than millions of people bitching about consequences of their illegal actions. That would be like me getting drunk and running over a 3 year old on a tricycle.....and then protesting that I might get in trouble for it. IT'S ILLEGAL.

I guess by walking out of school and not going to work, they are showing us what it's like to be without illegal aliens and mexicans for a day. Well, I'll tell you what, my classes sizes are much smaller and it's nice! I have an idea, why don't all of us US Citizens do a "day without the United States" and see how they like it. What the hell has Mexico done for these people anyways? Precisely Jack. My students carry around their Mexican flags and refuse to stand for the this any way to treat the country you so desperately want to be a part of? NO.....NO BECAUSE THESE ILLEGALS DO NOT WANT TO BE A UNITED STATES CITIZEN.

Immigration to me means people from other countries coming to the United States for a better life. They want to become Americans, assimilate into our culture but they do not forget their heritage. They don't come illegally and then have the balls to make the "Star-Spangled Banner in Spanish." UNLIKE CANADA, WHO HAS TWO RECOGNIZED NATIONAL LANGUAGES.....WE HAVE ONE, ENGLISH. I'm fed up when taking money out of an ATM or calling customer service numbers and being asked "For English press one, para espanol prece (?) dos".

Rush Limbaugh really said exactly what I was thinking: "Americans, which means assimilating and acculturating into the great American culture. They have not come here just for jobs, to send the money home. They have come here to become Americans. The problem here is that, as these protests indicate, and as the Star-Spangled Banner indicates in Spanish and there's a number of other indications that are obvious, this aspect, this wave of illegal immigrants do not really indicate they want to become Americans. They don't want to be immigrants; they want to be legal so they can get jobs. The country is just a job market to them. It's a big distinction, because without the acculturation and the assimilation, we're just going to end up Balkanizing the society. And when they choose May 1, Soviet May Day, to go out and protest and basically shout and get in our faces and then purposely try to cause a backlash and demand to be exempted from our laws, this is not immigration that's going on here. I think we do this a disservice by referring to it as an immigration issue. It's not that."

All the United States is asking is that you follow the laws of the land, is that too much to ask? What about the countless numbers of people all over the world who are on a wait list to become American citizens??? Should all these illegals get rewarded for their actions and penalize those who are going through the right channels? Don't you think that would encourage more border jumping? It's simply not safe. I say, reform the Immigration and Nationality Act and make illegal residency a felony. It sure as hell is in Mexico....your butt will be in jail!!!

In conclusion, I hope that our government stands firm and passes these laws. In this day and age of terrorism, we cannot just let thouseands of people walk into our country every day, it's not safe. I say a real quick way to curb the problem, granted not the nicest, is put the military on the border with a "shoot-to-kill" order. If you attempt to cross the border anywhere besides the designated checkpoints, you will be considered a national security threat and will be shot on the spot. Will there be women and children gunned down, yes, will it be a deterrant, yes. Does it make me sound like a heartless person and a "typical republican" denying innocent people of the "America Dream", sure. But you know what, they don't deserve the American Dream. You get in line alone with everyone else, get your citizenship, and then you'll get my respect. Until then, quit bitching in our streets about what you deserve and are entitled to and get back to that low-paying job you came here for.


At 4:39 PM , Blogger Ranting Republican said...

haha - you're starting to sound like me.

At 12:20 PM , Blogger anana5 said...

I agree!

At 8:18 PM , Blogger Full-Auto said...

I'm at a loss as to why the Border Patrol wasn't out in force rounding these clowns up.


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