Sunday, January 08, 2006

Because of you.....

I have been following this Marine's adventures in Iraq through the link for anysoldier on the right. His post today brought me to tears. I would definitely advise all of you do go to this website, read through their posts, and pick a Marine, soldier, airmen or sailor and send a care package to them. They write exactly what they need so you can send a package tailor made for them...its really fun!!

Here is one man's entry and if this doesn't make you want to send a package, I don't know what will:

Because of you we are able to take showers with body wash, use shampoo and have deodorant and enjoy the basic necessities of life. Because of you we are able to have late night snacks and plenty of coffee to keep us alert and to help us wake up. Because of you, we enjoy current publications and magazines and continue to educate ourselves with current books. We are able to slip away for a few seconds to listen to a CD, DVD or write a letter. Because of you we have made acquaintances, pen pals, supporters and most importantly, friends. We were shown how our country supports us through thick and thin, how selfless actions of mothers, fathers single moms and churches send care packages easily worth $50-$60 and then pay another $40 for shipping.

Because of you we have "junkies" asking us what do you need and although we don't ask for much we receive what we ask for without hesitation with extras thrown in. Because of you Lance Corporal Smith does his 50th patrol but does it with hand warmers in his pockets and is able to concentrate on the enemy instead of the cold. We have something to add to the water in the 130 degree temperatures so that we actually drink water instead of getting dehydrated.

Because of you we have the 7 ton truck driver who although is advised by his mother not to dip had his Copenhagen dip and although he is on a crappie road in a crappie place is at least happy for a little while. Because of you many many Marines have enjoyed a nice cigar and wound down built cohesion in a time that others may have fell apart. Because of you, we have the simple words of "Thank you", "Stay Tuff" and "We support you" sent to us. So few words however words that carry a big punch.

Because of you we won't let some terrorist come to our country and tell our children what to do or threaten their way of life. Because of you WE will protect life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Every single one of you who have supported a service member and sent them a letter or package while they were in the fight against terrorism either in Afghanistan or in Iraq have made a difference. Your Marines continue to take the fight to the insurgents. Young Marines, women Marines, continue to excel beyond the expectations of their leaders and stand tall against terrorism and simply say "NO" your not doing that while we are here. Because of you we can do that. Thank you all for making a difference to your service members.

Simply put, because of you, we are winning!
Semper Fidelis and remember its all because of you!


At 6:37 AM , Blogger beakerkin said...

My older brother is a serviceman in Kuwait and had to hold a Passover Seder on an Aircraft Carrier in Kuwait. He had to find all the ingredients in the Philipinnes. Excellent Naval cooks labored to make a meal for the two handfuls of Jewish sailors and two hundred curious shipmates.

Most of what the service men miss are the special touches from home.
I think my parents sent barrel pickles to Kuwait. At least with the internet one can read the newspapers from home.

At 11:32 AM , Blogger Teacher Tori said...

thats great!


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