Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Who took my ribbon?

Last night I got to my car after working a track meet and noticed my yellow magnet ribbon that says "Support our Troops" was stolen. I bought it in Texas last summer (before the crazy phase started) and some idiot took it. I was walking into the building with a "Law in America" teacher/Lawyer and he said I can look at it one of two ways:

1. Someone is against the war and our troops being there and wanted to make a statement (even if you are against the war, we should still support our boys, but thats another story)

2. Someone really loved my magnet, wanted one, but couldn't afford it so they took mine

Any way you slice it, it sucks. I guess it could have been a kid who just wants to be an idiot as well. Now, I have to go buy another one.


At 6:56 PM , Blogger Ranting Republican said...

I've had four stolen. I gave up.


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