Sunday, June 12, 2005

Parade, BBQ & The Beatles

Talk about a long day. After AOL IMing until 4am, I awoke at 7:30 am and it took every Republican bone in my body to pry myself out of bed to go march in a parade for a couple of miles in 90 degree heat. We were sandwiched inbetween the "Shriners Flying Carpets" (old guys whizzing around in go-carts look like flying carpets) and an Animal Rescue with all sorts of cute doggies up for adoption. Hundreds and hundreds of people lined the streets. The Congressman got 99% applause with a couple of mean comments thrown our way. I mean seriously, who starts a fight at a parade full of kids and floats? A bitter commie, thats who. Anythewho, I am an idiot who wears flip flops.........I thought the parade was only going to be a few blocks, I think I walked to Egypt and back. Between my big toe and second toe is raw, in case any of you were curious.

My fellow teacher's BBQ was a smashing good time. I had a delightful cheese brat, several beers and played bean bag toss and bocceball.

Then we had the bright idea to go to a local pool hall to hear a Beatle's cover band play. They weren't half bad and I realized I like the earlier Beatles stuff much better. They had three sets and they went from their early clean cut years to the drugged out hippie years. Pretty laid back, except for the intermissions where we danced in the small place inbetween pool tables to annoyingly fun classics like "The Electric Slide", "Cha-Cha Song", "Baby Got Back", "YMCA", "Celebrate", and last but not least "Love Shack." Why the F is that song so popular? Honestly. They did play "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy", which kicks all sorts of ass.

We mostly people-watched. There was this fat trashy lady who was wasted with her beer gut hanging out of her red halter top and flopping over her tight white jean shorts. She was hanging all over the security guards and she even took a header down some stairs. All and all, a decent time. The average age, I'd say was 40's, with it being the Beatles and all. Oh and there were great drink specials: $1.50 Miller products, $2.50 Corona, and $3.00 Jager Bombs.

Random day, but fun day.


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