Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Sorry, had to let out a primal scream. I'm teaching "Team Sports" in Summer School to 38 kids ranging from incoming freshman to graduated seniors who needed one last PE credit.

They acted like total tools today. Some girls were lazy as hell, other guys were too intense and acting like this was the World Series or NBA final Game 7.

"Miss A, Joe keeps talking to me and chasing me around"............"Miss A, Sarah came up to me and said if I even look at her the wrong way she'll kick my ass"

"Miss A, I don't like my team, they are assholes. I'm trying to play and they are being mean to me. I like to slide into home plate and they made fun of me. '

"Miss A, can we pick our own teams? The popular girls all went on the same softball team, even though you gave them different numbers. They just stand there and let the ball fall right in front of them. Then they make fun of me because I'm trying and say I should take it easy b/c its just gym class!"

AHHHHHHHHH. So what did this brilliant teacher do? I got them into the classroom before the bell rang and acted more pissed than I really was. I slammed the door and told them to turn around and listen. I ranted and raved about the poor performance I'm seeing, the ridiculous name calling and put-downs, and the secret team-changing that went on. I pulled the "I'm really disappointed in you guys. I thought you were this great class who worked hard and played hard but I guess I was wrong. I understand PE isn't the be-all-and-end-all of your summer right now, but from 7:15am-12:15am, it is YOUR JOB AND PRIORITY. I told them every time I see them not participating, they will get a "0" for each sport.

Okay, I feel better now. At least I'm getting $36 an hour and I have zip grading or planning to do. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll teach Driver Ed. next summer. I am teaching "Behind the Wheel" all day on Friday so I'll get a good taste....and hopefully live to see tomorrow!


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