Saturday, July 16, 2005

Few random things

#1- Texans have the right idea. I didn't feel so hot today but my friends were going to a bar only 3 miles away so I had to go. I wore jeans, my t-shirt "Friends don't let friends Vote Democrat" with donkey with an "X" through it, WITH MY COWBOY HAT. I didn't feel up to looking cute, nor did I care, so a hat solves everything. I think I shall wear my cowboy hat more frequently. Thanks sis for letting me come and visit you all the time!

#2- Going to see "Wedding Crashers" tomorrow, will have a review up later.

#3- For those of you who care, I have almost finished my guest bedroom/guest bath in the "Caribbean theme", its fabulous! I hate blue, but it was necessary for the room and it worked well. You will find blue nowhere else in my house. My mom had this thing for blue, blue carpeting, blue walls, blue floral print bedspread, blue countertops, you get the pic. But she's wisened up and it irradicating all blue from the house as well. Mine is more turquoise/aqua, oceany blue.

#4- I LOVE TEACHING DRIVER ED. Thats right, you heard it here. I taught Driver Ed "Behind the Wheel" for the first time a few days ago and I didn't die! I only had to grab the wheel once, use my brake once, and make kid go faster twice. Summary:

-when on an "on ramp" to a major interstate, one cannot go 20mph......there are semi's coming at 65mph, SPEED UP, we are going to get smooshed!!!!!!!

-when making a "right turn on red", one cannot commit to going and then turn while riding the brake, there were cars coming at 45mph, step on it!

-**not the kids fault**.....when there is construction with a drop off into dirt and construction horses, DO NOT RIDE YOUR BIKE! My kid had nowhere to go and it was a tight squeeze.

-always pay attention in a parking lot! Cars come in and out quickly and you can't assume all cars are stationary, we almost got rammed and I had to slam on the brakes.

OVERALL, the kids did a great job and it was fun! I have NEVER been more alert in my entire life, and I would most certainly do this again.

***on a side note, my Driver Ed teacher, back in the day, had a massive heart attack and died the same night as my first "behind the wheel" lesson. I was the last person he drove with. I bet he's looking down from heaven right now laughing his ass off. ***

#5- Go to Anti-Liberali's website (in my links), there are some amazing discussions going on right now.


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