Thursday, July 07, 2005

Its finally summer for me!

Even though I am teaching summer school, I'm done around noon and have the rest of my day and evening to enjoy. I have been traveling so much this summer (for work and pleasure) that I haven't had a chance to sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy my new house and the gorgeous weather we have had lately.

75 and sunny with a gentle breeze, who could ask for anything more? And while my students can be a pain in my keister, I still get to be outside and and getting exercise while I teach. I also have had time to take care of my house. I water my plants (grass is a lost cause), and garden. I have laid out and read cookbooks and magazines with my next door neighbor. I have taken friendly strolls and jogs around my neighborhood and even went to the Farmer's Market to get fresh fruits, veggies and fresh-cut flowers.

My grass may be dead from the lack of rain, but its worth it to have such beautiful weather!


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