Friday, July 08, 2005

Genius words from Rush

I thought this was very interesting and I just wanted to share this with you from "The Rush Limbaugh Program" (7/7/05) :

This (London) is an attack on Western Civilization, and it is an attack based on the belief of those who commit them that they can get away with it, and that they can continue to get away with it. You got two things you can do with terrorism: You can surrender to it, or you can defeat it. There are no other options. You can't appease them; you can't get along with them; you can't make treaties with them; you can't negotiate with them. You either surrender to it or you defeat it.

President Bush knows this, and you hold out hope that the Bush-haters might get it but I don't have much hope in that regard because I think there's so much seething rage and hatred for Bush out there that the majority of the Bush-haters are already gleefully blaming Bush for this, and blaming the war in Iraq for this, and blaming Afghanistan for this, and feeling sorry for Tony Blair that Bush roped in into joining us in Iraq. That's the kind of thing. You can expect it to exist in a free country, but it's going to continue to be an impediment, as those people represent forces who attempt to weaken our ability not only take the offensive but to defend ourselves as well.

But here's the interesting thing for those of you on the left to consider. The terrorists today not only attacked civilization. They attacked you. They attacked you liberals, you leftists who may think that you're the ones who have the ability to forge a common understanding. I wonder if the Brits will do what we did after 9/11. I wonder if the Brits will convene, at their version of the state department, a seminar exploring the question: Why do they hate us? You can do those seminars all day long, and you can even get the answer right, and it isn't going to help you a bit. The evidence, the terrorist attack, not only civilization today, but the left, the Hollywood crowd, the music crowd, the kumbaya crowd.

Today was supposed to launch the G8 meeting. Leaders of the most prosperous nations are being coaxed to show up and for the umpteenth time save Africa, end hunger, end global warming, end poverty. Whether you buy the solutions that were on the table or not, the goals are certainly high-minded. You could even say the goals are civilized: end poverty, end hunger, end global warming. But there's a war against civilized thoughts out there, and the world gets another wake-up call today because here at this big leftist conclave known as the G8 summit, it's occurring not far from where the blast took place -- and make no mistake: the terrorists have as one of their purposes besides the death and mayhem to become the subject matter of the G8 summit. They want the attention focused on them. Tony Blair says he's not going to let that happen. We'll see. Hope he doesn't let that happen. But nobody is safe, is the point.

You cannot make friends with these people and maintain your culture or your identity and your way of life. The healing nature of time, some people forget what happens. Others you think that the passage of time will just enable everybody to wish this kind of evil away. But thank goodness for Bush because he understood it from day one. Today we get another reminder and another opportunity for even more people to understand it now who maybe have had it slip from their mind. Maybe it'd gotten caught up in the notion of "it's not going to happen again." Some people are probably saying, "Well, it happened over there. I'm not worried about that." You may as well considered this an attack on us, folks. It's not attack on our way of life; it's an attack on our civilization.


At 11:19 AM , Blogger Ranting Republican said...

I hear ya. I love Rush. Check out my new post on London :)

At 11:43 AM , Blogger Tori said...

will do


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