Sunday, August 07, 2005

My last night of freedom

Well, as of 1pm on Monday, I am no longer on Summer vacation. I know most of you will think "ooooh poor teacher who's been off for 2 months. I was very busy this summer taking a class, teaching summer school, working on my new house and boating up in Wisconsin.

I have to work with our team doctors to give physicals to our student athletes. No I will not be doing the "turn and cough" test, more likely I'll be taking blood pressures and writing in charts. Then Wednesday I start 3-a-days for football, Teacher Institute Day on the 15th, then the little darlings come the 16th for their first day. Its funny how my life does a 180 in a matter of a day. I go from having no worries, to working my ass off for at least 12 hours every day.

Overall, I had a great summer. Moving into my new house was the best part and the break-up was by and far the worst part of it. But I have a great family and great friends who scraped me off the couch and helped me smile again. I went line dancing, bar-hopping, golfing, boating, and found the small pleasures of gardening and watering my lawn.

Politics have also been a big part of my summer. The Republican golf tournaments, horse race outings and minor league baseball today, as a matter of fact. They are such great people and I just love being around them! When I first started teaching we had this huge group of single friends. We all dated each other, went out and partied all the time and there wasn't a Friday that went by where we all didn't go to happy hour. Now, almost 4 years later, virtually everyone has paired off or gotten married. I've been to a few of their weddings and will be in one next summer. So I barely saw the group at all now, especially when my 2 best guy teacher friends both have girlfriends and the 4 of them have their little group. So, basically, 2 other girls and I are "the single girls" and have paired off to explore the crazy single life. The crazy , expensive single live that is exhausting and tiring. It sure can be fun though!

I do love my job and after spending some time at Lambeau Field watching Packers training camp over the weekend I am ready for football season. I guess I'm ready to start teaching Health and PE again and my blog will start to venture over from the political side to the teaching side. I like to tell stories of my teaching and athletic training adventure. But I will not forget about all my elephant, and donkeys too I guess.


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