Saturday, July 30, 2005


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I bought a set of two cute signs to hang on the wall by my staircase. This way on the way to work and coming home from work, I can be reminded what life is truly all about.


At 2:33 PM , Blogger mthomas1776 said...

I still have one that my pop's gave me when I started high school, it had a rock climber on it (something I did alot of then) and it said "Inch by Inch life's a cinch, Yard by Yard life is hard..."

At 5:25 PM , Blogger Tori said...

thats a great one!

At 7:57 PM , Blogger William said...

My dad only gave me two pieces of advice.

1) Never get yourself into a rum drinking contest with Puerto Ricans or Pirates.

2) As long as you can hold on to one blade of grass to keep from falling off the planet you'll be okay in the morning.

It was an enlightening childhood as you can imagine.

At 3:33 AM , Blogger Tori said...

and my dad always told me:

"boys as scum"


"men and women can never be just friends. There's always sex in the back of their minds."

At 12:00 PM , Blogger William said...

and in the back of their cars

At 2:06 PM , Blogger Tori said...

hmmm, i've never done that.


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