Thursday, July 28, 2005

Natalee Holloway Theories

The coverage is still going very strong in the Natalee Holloway case. I would really like to know what happened to her and these poor parents need some closure, one way or the other.

I am considering chaperoning a high school trip next year to Bali, Indonesia but after seeing what's happened with Natalee, its made me realize what a big responsibility it is. I believe that Indonesia has the highest concentration of Muslims in the world. Do I have that right?

Anywho, I have a theory on what happened to Natalee.

She was drunk and thought Joran Van Der Sloot was hot. They went to the beach to make out, he wanted more, she didn't and he possibly raped her and killed her by accident (covering her mouth to keep quiet, smothered her? choked her?). I think he called his father Paul for help and the two of them disposed of Natalee....not sure where.

Someone else mentioned that she might have been sold as a sex slave.

I just hope they find out what happened to her. Joran Van Der Sloot is a slimeball and has said horrible things to Natalee's mother Beth Holloway Twitty. The Arubans have a different way of doing things and its got to be so frustrating.

What do you think happened to her?


At 11:05 PM , Blogger William said...

Murdered or sold into the sex trafficking network.

At 11:15 PM , Blogger Tori said...

yeah, she's a cute girl. thats messed up though.

At 12:02 AM , Blogger William said...

If you want to see something really messed up check out this story from frontline.

You can watch it on video at:

I cannot believe this kind of thing still goes on. It's outrageous.

At 12:02 AM , Blogger William said...

oops that didn't post right...try this

At 3:46 AM , Blogger Ranting Republican said...

He killed her because she wouldn't put out; or she did put out and they gang-banged her and then killed her ... I know it doesn't sound pretty, but it wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do.

Don't you dare chaperone that trip, Tori. No way.

I'm glad I'm over here because they don't cover it too much. The coverage is a bit nauseating back in the States. I feel bad for the family as well and hope they do get their answers, but I doubt they'll ever know what really happened to her.

At 4:15 PM , Blogger William said... there's a term I didn't expect to run into on a blog.

At 11:17 PM , Blogger crallspace said...

Most of dumb America is drawn to this story, as the media has been intentionally ignoring the actions of our terrorist leader. Now that all these bills are passing, where the fuck have you been, America? Where? Your nose has been shoved so far up Natallee Holloway and her media-hungry-whore mom's ass that you don't even know what's going on.

Shame on you, America, for your ignorance and utter stupidity. If Natalee wasn't a semi-hot white bitch, would you even give 2 shits?

At 11:39 PM , Blogger William said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:40 PM , Blogger William said...

That was an intelligent post. Thank you for showing me the light! If only our news media had the depth of your blog.

At 1:10 AM , Blogger The Anti-Liberali said...


HELLO MORON - THE MEDIA IS LIBERAL!!! They MAKE UP CRAP in order to make GWB look bad... they NEVER show anything decent that has happened because heaven forbid they EVER make GWB look good... so why would they want to intentionally ignore these so called actions? You make are making no sense here... lay off the drugs man!!

At 10:34 AM , Blogger Tori said...

haa haaa, Dan is hilarious. His blog is even more hilarious. Lord only knows what the beautiful state of Oregon did to deserve that nutjob living there.

He's got diahrrea of the mouth and I have no idea how he's going to make it in the telecommunications world.

Go find Al Franken or get a job with You'd fit in perfectly. Or go be Michael Moore's bitch. I bet you worship him too.

At 10:47 AM , Blogger William said...

lol I don't think he is in telecommunications. If you look on his profile under interestes he has listed CB radio, amateur radio, and short wave radio, i.e. he is probably living in his mom's basement airing light night conspiracy theory shows. Damn the man Dan!!!

At 1:39 PM , Blogger The Anti-Liberali said...

He needs to be working for Al Sharpton... he sounds about as stupid and crazy as that fool. They would be a match made in their own little crazy liberal world!

At 10:24 PM , Blogger Person said...

you are one obnoxious human being Mr Crall, and I guess that's how you solicit attention. For someone who lacks any compassion for other human lifes, I find it ludicrous that you could care about America either. You sound like a self centered Narsisctic Sociopath who most likely never received love in his life, hope you never have children, if you do my sympathies to them. You are a shell.


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