Friday, July 29, 2005

miss yuppie goes to the fair

I went to a county fair tonight. I went earlier in the day to help out a candidate running for U.S Congress but had a friend of mine meet me after she got out of work.

We saw motorcross bike racing and a Demolition Derby! When the cars got to close to the side, we got sprayed with mud....note to self: never sit in the front row at a derby. One of the cars even exploded and there was fire and black smoke everywhere!

I had a typical fair meal: pizza, elephant ear, and an ice cream cone. Oh and get this, NO ALCOHOL!!! WTF? What, were they trying to make it "family friendly?" What do they think, that we are bunch of savages that would act like idiots? Well, probably.

The only bad part was that the fair is pretty close to the high school I teach at so I saw every damn student I've ever had. I tried to go incognito by wearing the candidate's t-shirt, my cowboy hat and sunglasses but these damn kids have eagle vision. You know what else bothered me.....the petting zoo. It had some animals I didn't feel belonged in your typical run-of-the-mill petting zoo. There were zebras, baby kangaroos, and even a baby tiger. I felt bad for them. Why is it that some animals upset me like the above mentioned but seeing the goats didn't phase me at all?

I decided that I am a pretty damn cool girl. Tonight I was being showered with mud at a Demolition Derby and walking around a swine barn, tomorrow I will be having dinner and drinks at a bar with drag queens (Kit Kat Lounge) in "boys town" and Saturday night I will be at Venetian Night, then drinks at a night club called "The Funky Buddha." Talk about being multifaceted! Now I couldn't be farther from conceited, but you gotta admit, its funny.

I've learned how to step outside my comfort zone and it turns out, there's a lot of fun stuff out there in this world! Flipping frogs onto a lily pad to win a big, stuffed ape is fun, watching female impersonators who are prettier than me sing "Man I feel like a woman" is fun, and going to Venetian night with a great girlfriend amongst the couples is fun.

My request for all of you reading this.......go out this weekend and do something that is out of your comfort zone. I'm not telling you to go have an orgy or anything, but you just never know what's around the next corner in this crazy world.


At 12:02 AM , Blogger William said...

Drag queens?! Remind me never to party with you if I'm ever in Chicago. The last thing I need with the amount of booze I swill on a typical night is to be in a place where the men look like women.

At 10:17 AM , Blogger Tori said...

let me put it to you this way, you can tell who the drag queens are. most women in this lounge aren't 6 feet tall, with lots of hair, fake eye lashes, and sequins everywhere. its obvious for even your drunk ass!

At 2:14 PM , Blogger holleritsme said...

since when is seeing things blow up and mud ever outside of your comfort zone??? You practically live on the field during Fall and Spring sports...and everyone knows how much you like explosions!

At 3:23 PM , Blogger Ranting Republican said...

FIRE FIRE! haha, good for you tori! I'm jealous you'll be at Venetian night...but then again, I was just in VENICE!!! Home in two days :( So sad.


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