Saturday, July 30, 2005

bars are fun

Usually when I go downtown to Chicago to drink, I'm annoyed. It was a blast tonight! I saw "female impersonators" that had better bodies than me. This one "girl" (and I use that term loosely), had a flowy dress that she lifted up and showed her underwear! There was NOTHING there, not tucked under, nothing. Definitely had work done. She had great boobs too and had a small scar where her adam's apple should be. Great voice, great dancer.

Then we went to Casey Morans, which is right next door to Wrigley Field.............note to self: never go to bars the evening after an afternoon Cubs game. These guys have been drinking since the game started at 3:15pm, maybe even before! Its blatently obvious who went to the game, ala jerseys, hats and beads, oh and the talking jibberish. And talk about a small world, this one weird guy came over to me to introduce me to a friend of his..........who I had actually met before at a medical conference! He's a fellow Athletic Trainer, small world.

The the girls and I went to another bar where I played some Golden Tee. For those of you who do not know what this game is........IT IS ONLY THE COOLEST, FUNNEST BAR GAME EVER.

All and all, a great night. This one bar called Tin Lizzies we were at played kick ass 90's music:

-Kriss Kross- Jump!!
-Ice, Ice Baby
-You gotta fight for your right to parrrrtay
-Jump Around
-Hip Hop Hooray

And yes, I did all the appropriate dances to those songs. "jump up, jump up and get down!" and threw my arms around in "hip hop hooray."

Now, I'm going to finish watching "Family Guy" that Tivo so generously taped for me. Its the one where Peter finds out he's part black. What a riot!


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