Sunday, July 31, 2005

another late bar night

Well, Venetian Night was beautiful! The weather was 75 and clear. There were probably around 700,000 people that attended and the boats were decorated beautifully and the fireworks display was fabulous. I've never seen blue fireworks before! There were also ones that were smiley faces. Gotta love technology. My favorite fireworks are the gold ones that shimmer and then fade to look like a weeping willow tree. They take over the entire sky.

Then we fought traffic and went to this bar called Zella. It used to be a favorite of mine back in my fake id days, but now its to snobby. Its a bunch of young 20-somethings sporting their designer purses and jewelry and every guy had on jeans, black shoes and a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to mid-forearm. It was like freaking Rodeo Drive, complete with fake blondes with fake noses and fake boobies. I used to love all that stuff and can rival any girl there with my Tiffany jewelry and purses. But tonight I went casual. Jeans, Old Navy flip flops, a brown tank top from TJ MAXX, chunky bead jewelry from H & M, and a purse a friend's little sister didn't want anymore. Did I care I wasn't the creme de la creme of the place, hell no. I wanted out of there.........I'd take a Wrigleyville Bar and Golden Tee and a Bud Light any day.

Afterwards we went to the Funky Buddha Lounge in the city. $20 cover for guys, $10 for girls. It was like the United Nations in there.......most diverse club I've ever been to. There were Indian women with the red dots on their foreheads, beautiful black women, chatty chinese girls waiting in line for the bathroom, and of course, some of us whities.....all dancing together in harmony to hip hop (I knew about 3 songs, best one being "Hip Hop Hooray". Note to self: you cannot move your hips and ass like those black girls can! I hurt my back trying to dance! (some people might think that's a racist comment, well its not so shutup!) Dancing in flip flops is not ergonomically-friendly either. I'll stick to line dancing at the local saloon. These weird guys kept trying to dance with us and it got to the point my friend and basically pretended to be lesbians to get them off of us! One beef I had, there was nowhere to sit down. You had to PAY to get a couch, and there were security guys and a velvet rope separating us commoners from the VIP's who were sipping on Champagne and taking in all the action from afar.

All and all, a pretty decent night! But I am officially broke. $18 to park at Venetian night (split with friend), $30 in drinks, $10 cover, $20 cab fares, yeeeeesh! From now on, I will drink before I go out, IF I go out anymore. Last night I spent twice that.

Holy schnikes, its almost 4am. Damn I'm a rock star!

(p.s- for those of you out there that think I lead an exciting life, come read this blog in 2 weeks and I'll probably be on suicide watch when I'm working around the clock. The only dancing I will be doing will be a happy dance like the Six Flags old guy before I collapse into bed for the night)


At 1:49 PM , Blogger msu77 said...

going to Zella's, Tin Lizzies, downtown, are you remembering the good time in you're life you had with me?

At 2:03 PM , Blogger msu77 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2:05 PM , Blogger Tori said...

Ahh the good ole days of underage drinking every weekend in Lincoln Park together. Good live music, good times!!

At 3:22 AM , Blogger MitzieBitchie said...

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