Thursday, June 16, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Well, I'm back from the NATA National Convention in Indianapolis, IN. The only speaker I attended was the keynote speaker, Jim Morris, who Dennis Quaid played in the baseball movie "The Rookie." I went to the exhibit hall and got lots of freebies ranging from backpacks, to ankle braces, patellar tendonitis bands to mouthguards. My co-workers and I were also celebrities b/c we graced the cover of the "NATA Convention Daily News." People came up to me in the bars and said "you're the cover girl!" First and last time anyone will say that about me! Oh and people were calling me a "virgin" since it was my first convention.....once again I said "I haven't been called that in a while!"

All and all the convention was a good time. My fellow classmate from undergrad bailed on me the morning we were to check into the hotel so she could head home and move into her new house......sticking me with a rather large bill.........but the people at the Hampton Inn were great and cancelled my reservation with no penalty. I stayed with 4 other people and slept on the floor........until I bought an Aerobed which I may return.

I drank a lot this week and was out till the wee hours of the morning. There were 15,000 of us and we literally took over the city.....bars opened just for us. I sang, danced and drank my heart out with hundreds of people who have the same job as me, it was cool. And I also noticed how many single athletic trainers there were. Why you may ask? If you knew me, you'd know why........WE WORK TOO DAMN MUCH. It was nice swapping stories and sympathizing with each other.

I also got to go to a WNBA game last night. It was the Indiana Fever vs. Detroit Shock. Watching my former classmate and all-star Tamika Catchings was interesting too. No wonder why I didn't make the basketball team 2 years in a row....I was up against her and I got served bigtime. Her and her WNBA sister and another girl who was an Illinois starter. After the game we got to go out on the Indiana Pacer court at Conseco Field and shoot around. I'm happy to say I swished a free throw AND a 3-pointer baby!

Well, its great to be home and great to be sleeping in a bed for the first time since last Saturday.

Oh yeah, I decided boys are shady. (** yes I know girls can be shady too**) Case and point. I'm at the convention no more than 5 minutes and I run into my ex-boyfriend from college. He was a grad student athletic trainer,I worked with him my 5th year and we dated for 8 months. I met up with him and his friend at his college's alumni party and his MARRIED friend tried to take me home. I mean, are you kidding me? I said to him "you are married! I am not a homewrecker and would never do anything like that!" He said "would it help if I took off my ring?" WTF? Then he goes into telling me about how him and his wife don't have sex anymore and at this point I just kept ordering free Coronas to make me forget this disturbing conversation. THEN my ex comes over and we start talking about his wedding next month. (I was invited but decided not to go) Anyways he mentions if we were to hook up that as long as he told his fiancee, she'd be okay with that, and that it might even turn her on if he explained what happened. OMG, ewwwww. He then went on to say thats one of the many reasons he loves her annd that they have talked about bringing another person into their bedrooom. OMG I felt like I was in Bizarro World. They asked me to come back and play drinking games with them and the 2 girls they were rooming with..........which I denied in warp speed time. I excused myself and walked back to my hotel thinking to myself "dear god, what kind of guys are out there???" And then I missed my most recent boyfriend thinking to myself "he's much more normal than these hornballs. At least he only wanted to be a hornball with me...well I think anyways." My ex from college is a good guy and swears he and his fiancee are open with each other about everything that they he is doing right by her and he told me not to judge b/c every relationship is different. I guess but I feel that if you have to go outside the relationnship that something is missing. As for his friend, who's only been married 13 months in a sexless marriage?....yeesh. I asked him if she was like that before and he said "she was a nympho but then after we were married for like 3 months, she changed." Dear God I hope that doesn't happen to me!!!!!

Well, I got my Continuing Education Credits, I learned a little and partied a lot. All and all a good week and tomorrow is cleaning day!!


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