Friday, October 14, 2005

Pretty Funny

David Letterman... "Top Signs Your Supreme Court Pick Isn't Qualified":

Lost 10 grand yesterday in the "case" of Jets v. Ravens;
Spends most of her time trying to fit the gavel into her mouth;
Her legal mentor: Oliver Wendell Redenbacher;
Asks courtroom stenographer to, "Quit that annoying tapping!";
Instead of Constitutional law books, consults set of "Garfield" paperbacks;
When Scalia walks by, she pretends to cough and says, "Rogaine";
Authored the book: "I'm Not Qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice";
The closest thing to courtroom experience was being an extra on "Matlock."


At 4:47 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

Can we go back to arguing? :) Did I spell that right?

At 9:17 PM , Blogger sandy said...

I wonder. Just what are the qualifications for becoming a Supreme Court Judge?

The left thinks they have to think like them and the right think they should think as they do.

Personally, I believe they should just think for themselves.


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