Thursday, April 14, 2005

Real-life example of marijuana effects.....

So today we started the chapter on D R U G S. I'll tell you what, I asked my class these non-threatening questions to get a feel for their experiences with drugs. I have found out if I phrase questions that implicate them directly, I get nowhere (understandably so). But if its "someone they know", most likely probably themselves, they will gladly raise their hands.

"How many of you have a friend who does drugs?" -80% approx. raised their hands
"How many of you have been in the same room with someone using drugs? -75% approx.
"How many of you know someone who has used cocaine?" -25% approx.

These kids are freshman! Well, I had to build up to get to the point of the story. We are talking about the different classes of drugs and how they affect the body and mind. This one kid, who I have spoke of before came into class looking "funny." As I started class he had his head down and was eerily quiet. I asked him if he was doing alright and he lifted up his head and could barely open his eyes. They were half-open, red, puffy and glassy...classic signs of smoking weed. He was mumbling and put his head back down. The student who's expecting his second child next month speaks up and says "Yo, man, I think he's high!" and some of the other kids agreed. He didn't deny it and when they had to write something on the board he was sauntering about and my gut told me he was stoned.

I'm sorry, I'm a cool, young teacher, but when I'm teaching about the dangers of drugs, I don't need some stoned gang-banger glorifying it. So I called security, they came up and took him down to the dean. I am still awaiting the outcome. Was he stoned? Maybe. Was he acting to get attention from the class? Maybe. Was he just out late the night before and tired? Maybe. But you know what? I'd rather get him in trouble now, instead of him getting behind the wheel and killing someone.

I was suprised, my students that hour thought nothing of me "narking" on him. They were cool about it. I guess I expected them to say "Why'd you do that? Why you gotta call him out like that?" Nothing. I don't need real-life examples, my powerpoints and videos are good enough, thank you very much!


At 7:20 AM , Blogger holleritsme said...

"Narking" is usually spelled with a "c". You "narc" on someone, as in "narcotics". Although, according to wikipedia,

you can spell it "nark". Interesting.

At 11:36 AM , Blogger PanamanianStud said... confirms it. Narking is a word

At 11:50 AM , Blogger Tori said...


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