Monday, January 02, 2006

NYE...from what I can remember :)

Well, I must say New Years Eve was a blast! A bunch of us checked into a hotel in Schaumburg and started drinking Champagne around all sexied up and went to Durty Nellies to see Modern Day Romeos and Sixteen Candles. We had $55 cover and all you can drink for 3 hours, and drink I did! 4 out of the last 5 New Years I had a significant other so it was weird being out with the girls...but fun!! My tummy was a little rumbly after having lots of champagne, then 2 vodka cranberrys, then a double vodka lemonade, then several tequila shots, then some beer. Blah, just thinking about it makes me cringe!

We danced a lot, beer was constantly spilled down my lacey black halter top and my once curly hair was drenched! Our one friend got beer spilled down her butt, ewwwww. 16 Candles is an 80's cover band so we danced to songs ranging from Bon Jovi to New Kids on the Block and everything else inbetween. I started drunk dialing my Ohio friends at 11pm central b/c they were already in the new year....but around that time we all realized we needed to sew up "our midnights" thing we know we hear the countdown "8,7,6......" and then everyone starts kissing everyone! I kissed boys, girls, who knows. Then I started drunk dialing again and probably called some people I shouldn't have and after looking at my "outgoing calls" list, yeah, bad idea. But, hey, its New Years and I wanted to wish everyone I called a "Happy New Year!"

Then it all started going down hill.......I all of a sudden got way more hammered and then got sad, then just mentally checked out and started spacing out, aka, get Teacher Tori out of the bar. We were back to the hotel by around 1:00am and started eating everything that didn't eat us first! I ate some chicken salad that had been floating around in a garbage can full of ice-turned-water. The container wasn't airtight so my drunk ass opens it, drains the nasty water and ate the whole thing!! Ewwwww, but damn it was good...along with some pizza bialis and cheetos. So yeah, my evening was done pretty early and I still don't feel quite right but it was fun and I'm so excited for 2006!!!!!


At 3:59 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

New Kids on the Block? Ouch.

At 9:49 PM , Blogger anana5 said...

don't diss the new kids!


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