Friday, September 30, 2005

crazy students

I thought all the congestion and the sneezing were a result of seasonal allergies.....I was wrong. I just came home from school sick. Damn my grubby students with no hygiene!

So yesterday I had a student get a 10 day out-of-school suspension for bringing a BB gun to school and was showing it to friends in the hallway. He's an "A" student, what was he thinking?? Now he's facing explusion but I don't think it should be that severe. He's a 13 year old freshman....I think the huge suspension and all the zeros he's getting is punishment enough.

Then I had a sophomore girl in PE who frequently complains come up to me and say "I can't play ultimate frisbee, is it okay that I sit out?" I said "why, whats wrong?" And she said "I have really bad cramps." So of course I ask her if she has her period and she says she's 15 days late. I tell her that its common for teens to be irregular but then she says "well I might be pregnant." Good lord, these kids grow up too fast. The period before that I had a girl ask to sit out because she felt dizzy....she told me she started on "The Patch."

Finally, this is a bit gross but I want you guys to see what I deal with every day. One of my students came up to me on Wednesday and wants to talk to me in private. She asks "Is it bad that I Naired the inside of my vagina?" Ummm, YEAH, its not meant to go inside. So I tell her that and she says "oooooh, that would explain why I itch so bad down there." EWWWWWW. This is the same girl who seriously asked me last year "does anal sex make your butt bigger?". I said no (while thinking maybe your butthole) and she says "oh thank god." EWWWWW

Gotta love being a Health and PE teacher! I need a nap to sleep off this bug.


At 3:32 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

I don't know whether to laugh or to vomit. Yes, anal sex can ruin your tissue and make you bleed. No, I don't know this from experience but I did have a really good Freshman Health class teacher in HS.

15 and having sex? Does she even have parents? If so, where are they, or the one?

Wow, you do go through a lot. Hope you feel better.

At 4:45 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

OK, I'll post again. It is very true that 30 million aborted babies could solve the social security problem over night. I have seen Mother something or other talk about this very issue on EWTN. We tear our babies from limb to limb and then wonder why we have too few to take care of them and too few dollars to support our entitlement programs. We wonder why we have a disproportionate imbalance of seniors vs. the younger generation. Don't blame my mom for this, I'm the youngest of five. She's earned every social security dollar she gets, as she has four of us working and paying in for her. (No, this does not mean I am for social security, just trying to make a point)

At 12:22 PM , Blogger pappy said...

Tell that young lady that this nurse has had a few patients that developed a prolasped rectum when they got older after years of anal sex.

At 9:10 PM , Blogger Tori said...



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