Tuesday, May 23, 2006


So I am administering the first of five final exams for my health class right now. One girl who I have talked with at length and have written about on my blog before comes in with a card for me that says the following:

Thank you so much for helping me with my problems this year. You have made a huge impact on my life. You are a great teacher, person and friend. Thanks to you and my best friend I'm getting special help for my bulimia disorder. Thanks for helping me get through it. It was nice to know I had someone to talk to.

It's nice to know all my students aren't buttheads :)


At 6:06 PM , Blogger pappy said...

Its always great when you impact someones life in a positive way. You are more then a teacher you are an educator my friend. And you can see the difference on my blog

At 12:24 PM , Blogger anana5 said...

Way to go TT! You are awesome!

At 7:15 AM , Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

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TT: That is great. The warm fuzzy feeling from doing right and being acknowledged for it is wonderful ain't it? And even deeper, she is seeking the help she needs because you were there for her. Wow! Pappy is right. Keep on inspiring:)

At 4:00 PM , Blogger Eddie said...

That's fine, but after you help her with her bulemia problem and that's solved, what are you going to do about her weight problem?

At 1:58 AM , Blogger Carly said...

Congratulations on having that kind of impact on your student's life! :)


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