Thursday, March 31, 2005

Most disturbing/funniest website ever

Go to: . This guy claims he will eat his adorable pet bunny if he doesn't get $50,000 by June. He has a "recipe" section with ideas on how to cook him and go to the "Updates section" or click here and read how enraged people are at this guy.

I am not making a personal statement on my feelings towards this website....I happen to like bunnys and am still in Easter mode so they are especially close to my heart. Damn there are some weird people in this world!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

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I'm on Spring Break.....teacher talk on hiatus

Good evening y'all. Since I am on Spring Break from work, I will have no teacher stories for the next week. However, I am the athletic trainer I'm spending my time off at school covering track, softball, baseball, tennis, etc. Soooo, in reality, I'm not really off. Please be patient with my slowing down for the week and don't stop visiting me! Us teachers need R & R too :)

Monday, March 28, 2005

I Heart Texas

I just got back from Texas and will be posting pics from my trip.......which to wet your tastebuds do include a crystalized horse saddle disco ball, me riding a mechanical bull, and a real-life rodeo! Yee-Haw :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I love Stewie

I was watching "The Family Guy" last night and Stewie just cracks me up. Here are a few of my favorite Stewie Quotes:

Stewie: There's always been a lot of tension between Lois and me, and it's not so much that I want to kill her, it's just, I want her not to be alive anymore.
Lois: Oh, I haven't been on a college campus in years. Everything seems so different.
Stewie: Really? Perhaps if you laid on your back with your ankels behind your ears that would ring a few bells.
Lois: Come on Stewie, you know you can't leave the table until you finish your vegetables.
Stewie: Well, then I shall sit here until one of us expires, and you've got a good forty years on me, woman.
Lois: Sweetie, it's broccoli, it's good for you. Now open up for the airplane ...
Stewie: Never! Damn the broccoli, damn you, and damn the Wright brothers.

Quotes courtesy of
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


knock, knock, anyone in there?

In my classes, we just finished up our unit on Mental Disorders and our Spring Break starts this Thursday....sooooo... I decided not to start the next unit but to show a movie instead. Kids are so damn squirrley before Spring Break and many of them have already gotten a jump start and are gone this week as well.

I am showing "A Beautiful Mind" with Russell Crowe (won 4 Oscars) and I tried to explain that John Nash has Schizophrenia...but some could just not grasp that concept. His "roommate" does not exist, just a hallucination:

Student: "Teacher, how come he's talking to a guy who's not real?"
Me: "Ryan, he's hallucinating, its a symptom of Schizophrenia"
Student: "So he's not really his roommate?"
Me: "No, he's not real"
Student: "But teacher, in the last scene the roommate and John Nash were sharing a flask....was it floating in mid air?"
Me: "NO, it was not floating in mid air Ryan, John Nash was seeing things that weren't real"
Student: "But, wait, let me get this, this whole time he was living alone at Princeton?"
Me: "ding ding ding ding ding, we have a winner!"

YEESH, NOT TOO QUICK ON THE UPTAKE! Can't wait too see how they'll do when the plot thickens in the next part of the movie tomorrow

Monday, March 21, 2005

Courtesy of Posted by Hello

Incident Update:

I'd like to update Friday's post concerning the student who was in "agonizing pain" because of her menstrual cramps. As I mentioned earlier, her mom went and complained to the principal, and then went to the Superintendent. Well, I spoke with the girl this morning and she was, as I thought, completely mortified by the whole thing. SHE was apologetic and said her mom tends to overreact frequently. I told her I meant no harm to her and that in the future, she has to learn to make herself more clear in what she needs. She was sweet and it took all of 2 seconds.

About 5 minutes ago, I called the mother to follow up and had to leave a message. I had wanted to call first thing this morning after talking with her daughter but turns out she was in a meeting with the Principal at a middle school because her 5th grade son just got suspended!!! So, I decided to wait until lunch, with about 4 min. left before the bell so I had an escape plan in case things got ugly.....the work phone I called said she was IN CLASS........doh! This means she is a teacher.......a teacher! I can't believe it, of all people to be yelling at another teacher, unbelieveable.

************NEWS FLASH*********** I got a call back from "mom" and she was as sweet as can be. She left me a message saying what a stressful day she was having and how she took it out on me!! She said "I appreciate so very much that you took time out of your busy schedule to speak with my daughter....blah blah blah, I'm so glad you called...blah, blah, my daughter might have to go on birth control for the pain...blah, blah, blah, you can give me a call back if you'd like and we can talk about what to do for my daughter....thank you soooo much, I appreciate it!"

UHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WTF? Definitely NOT what I was expecting, better! I forwarded that voicemail message to the Principal and Superintendent so they know I'm not the crazy one. Whew {{{pulling my bangs back}}} glad thats over.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sweet 9....not 16!!!

Well, the Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament are set and I have 9 teams still alive....7 of my Elite 8, and all 4 of my Final Four teams......woo hoo! Unfortunately my alma mater, Ohio University (13 seed) went out in the first round against Florida (4 seed), but they didn't go down without a fight. They were down by 8 at the half, and down by 20 with 9 min. left. They made a killer comeback to TIE it up with 2:15 min remaining, and were tied with 46s remaining.....Florida pulled it out to win 67-62.

Congrats to my beloved Ohio Bobcats for a great season and for making it to the Big Dance for the first time in 11 years.

As for my remaining teams: Illinois, Oklahoma St., Louisville, Washington, UNC, Wisconsin, Duke, Utah and Kentucky...please help a girl out! I just bought a house and need the, umm, pretzels, yeah, thats it. (I'm a teacher, of course I don't gamble!)

Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams to my one and only.....I bet you're still up!! Miss you and have a good night :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wrigley likes to watch Finding Nemo! Posted by Hello

These are my nephews, Wrigley and Tex.  Posted by Hello

Friday, March 18, 2005

Drama Drama Drama

I thought I wouldn't have anything interesting to write in this thing but my students continue to amaze me. All of these kid's issues go straight back to their parents having issues. Here are a couple of stories that have happened just in the past 24 hours:

#1. I have a Sophomore student who is retaking Health class and has a daughter. He just got a 10 day-out-of-school suspension for being under the influence of Marijuana. You would've thought him having a daughter would have straightened him would have thought that his best friend being killed in a gang shootout would have straightened him would have thought that his dad getting shot 6 times and dying would have straightened him out....nope. He's such a funny, nice kid and he keeps messing up. Too bad its going to be his daughter that is paying the price....

#2. I was substituting a computer class and a girl approached me and asked to go to the nurse's office to use the phone to call her mom. I suggested her using the phone in the classroom to save time...she agreed and made her call. She tells me that she has menstrual cramps and her mom lets her go home, put on a heat pack, and stay home for 2 days till she's better. So she sat down after the call and continued typing......the next period I get an IRATE mother calling me from the main office screaming and swearing at me that I REFUSED to let her daughter that was in agonizing pain go to the dare I!! She said something that I found to be ridiculous "Being a woman, you should know what it's like to have cramps and have to sit in class!" I said back "Yes ma'am, I do know, I've done it for nearly 15 years and have never missed a class because of it." The bell had rung and I had to tell the lady, "this conversation is over", she ranted that she's going to have a meeting with herself, me, and the principal.

This was yesterday and today I got a call down to see the principal and he's aware of what happened and is completely on my side. This crazed mother also called the Superintendent to bitch about it!!!!!!! So now, I have to go hunt down this student down (she's not mine), make nice-nice, and then follow up with the crazy mother!!!!! Ridiculous, all this for cramps.

I'll finish this up later with one more honey of a story. What a way to finish out the week!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Stress & Teens

Disclaimer--> normally, my blogs won't be this long :)

If you've ever been interested about what stressors adolescents have, then read on........I had my students make a poster with pictures about things that that are stressful in their lives and I'm grading them now. These were the most popular ones they wrote:

-getting cut from sports teams
-my mom and dad always yelling at me
-all my friends smoke/drink and I dont
-teachers giving too much homework
-my parents are getting a divorce
-when my parents drink
-wishing I could be skinny
-being "ashy"
-trying to eat healthy when I like junk food

Some of the kids put really interesting or difficult things down:

-My dad is in Iraq
-parents fighting for custody of me
-My best friend was killed in a gang shooting
-my mom lost her job and we are broke
-I have a heart condition I might die from
-"my brother died in a car accident and I think about it every time I see a car"
-my mom won't let me get dessert because she thinks I'm fat and I have ADHD.
-getting this girl pregnant
-the guys I like are always going out with someone else or don't like me b/c I'm not pretty
-raising my daughter

This is all so fascinating to me because the intensity and amount of stressors each student has is directly correlated to behavioral issues and their grades. A couple kids have suprised me because they are getting A's and seem so together, but their life is a mess. By reading all these posters, it gave me a real insight into each and every one of these kids and now I understand them better and can help them.

Health Teachers...............try it!

Teacher Stuff

I am a Health/PE/Driver Ed. high school teacher and most of my posts will probably be about the crazy/interesting things my students say or do. This semester I am teaching Freshman Health Class at a diverse high school in a suburb of Chicago. My school has around 4,000 students of all sorts of backgrounds and I love it here.

Teaching Health is a very unique experience in that I get to really see what these kids are all about. We talk about relationships, families, friends, sex, drugs, drinking, stress, mental disorders, diseases, etc. Its fascinating to me and I hope its interesting to you as well!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My new blog

Everyone and their mother seem to love blogging so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about. Welcome!